64 Reasons to Celebrate Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has been writing and performing music more or less continuously since 1956. That’s sixty-four years.

For sheer fecundity, I can’t, with the exception of Bob Dylan, think of any other songwriter who comes close. There are very few artists in history, in any field, who have produced so much work at a high level over such a span.

Ian Leslie – https://ianleslie.substack.com/p/64-reasons-to-celebrate-paul-mccartney

I don’t care much about Paul McCartney but the author’s deep knowledge of him makes it incredibly charismatic. Got me hooked reading this article. I don’t think I have that level of depth on any of the subjects that I have ever interacted with… in my life.

Also numbering the paragraphs. A great trick to improve readability. I imagine it also helps writing an essay with loosely connected facts/opinions.